Environmental and Sustainability Concept

Aside from sports, suspense and emotions, major sports events also cause an increased traffic and waste volume as well as additional land consumption. In order to minimize the effects on the alpine world, the ‘Environment & Traffic' department is operating at full stretch to implement the environmental and sustainability concept, which has been created especially for the World Championships.

At the World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen , environmental protection is based on five mainstays: The World Championships media projects, which are subsumed under the title ‘Eco Plus', the concept of traffic, visitor guidance, waste management and education for sustainable development. All scopes of duties comprise a package of measures which will be continually growing up to the World Championships.

master plan – environmental and sustainability concept
PDF (master plan - environmental and sustainability concept)


Concept of Traffic

The traffic concept of the World Ski Championships is themed ‘prevent, displace, process in an eco-friendly way'. Therefore, public transport will be especially promoted: Admission ticket holders can travel to/from GAP for free within Bavaria by train (economy class) on the day of the event. In order to allow for a smooth run of events, chartered trains from/to Munich as well as from Innsbruck and Reutte/Tyrol to Garmisch-Partenkirchen will operate on a daily basis. Travel by train is free for ticket holders also from Tyrol. Especially the environment is benefiting from the visitors' arrival by public transport: All three railroad lines leading to Garmisch-Partenkirchen are predominantly supplied by energy from the regional hydroelectric power plants (Walchensee, Kammerl, Fulpmes). In order to ensure that visitors can safely relinquish their car on-site, too, a free shuttle bus service between the competition arenas, the station, the medal plaza and the parking areas will be operation in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and surroundings during the fortnightly period of the event.

The public bus fleet will be enhanced from Mittenwald/Wallgau, Seefeld, Oberammergau and Ehrwald, and will transport visitors holding an admission ticket for free.
The mobility platform named „Green Mobility", an internet portal which enables spectators, athletes and media representatives to make their contribution to climate protection, provides information on opportunities of free arrival by bus and by train - aiming at a reduction of private transport and a rather good utilization of public transport. It further allows for the establishment of an event-specific car sharing agency, contains a hotel booking engine and provides information on the venue, the competition arenas as well as several environmentally relevant topics, such as, for example, the different mainstays of the environmental and sustainability concept. The ‘Green Mobility' webpage further enables every user to organize their trip to the World Championships in an eco-friendly way. With the help of a carbon footprint calculator one can compute the climate-relevant emissions of both one's journey and overnight stays, and is then able to neutralize them by a monetary contribution to climate protection projects.

PDF (Free travel to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships - fast, comfortable and sustainable)


Waste Management

In order to minimize the waste volume, a waste management system will be employed. Residues of reusable material can be correctly separated (organic waste, plastic, paper, residual waste) at one of the numerous recycling points and thus will be supplied for eco-friendly reprocessing. The collection points for recyclable material will be placed at strategically relevant locations within the competition arenas, alongside feeder paths and within side-event areas. In addition to that, 20 ‘eco-guides' will inform the visitors about the correct waste separation on-site, sensitize them in a direct conversation for this important issue and monitor the consistent implementation of the waste management in a friendly way.

PDF (recycling points - locations overview)


Education for Sustainable Development


Prior to as well as after the World Ski Championships, ‘ticket2nature' - nature sports camps for children and young people will take place. These camps are meant to sensitize kids and youngsters for environmentally relevant aspects of nature sports activities and provide information on how a ‘sustainable development' can come true. The camps, which are planned to be carried out beyond the World Ski Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and its surroundings, offer extraordinary nature experiences to their participants. The World Championships' agenda includes sports like Nordic Cruising, snowshoe hiking as well as alpine skiing and snowboarding - and the effects of these kinds of sports on nature. Contents include, for example, the environmentally relevant effects of ski lifts and artificial snow cannons, the application possibilities of photovoltaics and the interaction of flora, fauna and nature sports. Thereby kids learn how to help shape their environment in a sustained manner.
The current project has been labeled the official decade-project of the UN-decade ‘Education for a sustainable development 2005-2014'. The nature sports camps are, in the context of the landmark project ‘360° - Olympia Manager', part of Munich's application to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Flyer ticket2nature
PDF (Flyer „ticket2nature" nature sports camps)


Visitor Guidance

With regard to visitor guidance at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2011 in Garmisch- Partenkirchen, a multiplicity of factors needs to be taken into account. The focus of visitor guidance is thus on public transport, aiming at a reduction of private transport and a rather good utilization of public transport. Concerning this matter, the arrival of the visitors, their guidance to the competition venue and on-site signage are the component parts of the control measures at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2011.
From within Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the competition arenas will be - in addition to their attainability by means of the shuttle bus service - also be accessible by foot: The ‘Gudiberg-Arena-WM-Trail' from the station, the ‘Kandahar-Arena-WM-Trail' from the shuttle bus park and the WM-Trail to the Kandahar-Arena from the park & ride area will guide visitors infallibly signposted and in an informative manner to the race tracks. For the protection of quality, a digital signage concept has been created. The consistent and secure guidance of visitors on their way to the venues results in an equalization of the stream of visitors.



Further projects of the Environmental & Sustainability Concept are subsumed under the term Eco_Plus. Here, the main focus lies on the following subject areas:

  • Public relations and environmental communication
  • Integral cross-linking of departments
  • Environmentally compatible technologies with regard to temporary sports venue construction
  • Study ‘Winter sports in Germany 2010'
  • Evaluation of the Environmental and Sustainability Concept


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