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FIS president Kasper: „Spectators were unique“

FIS president Gian Franco Kasper spoke at the final press conference about excellently organized Ski World Championships and noted especially the unparalleled spectators. About 130.000 viewers came to see the races; about 50.000 were at the Championships Park to provide a great atmosphere.

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The World Champions 2011

11 competitions and a bunch of new champions. Here they are in a short portrait.

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The Ski World Championships review (I)

Lizz Görgl and Christof Innerhofer were the stars of the first week. All two won two medals, Görgl two Gold medals. The Championships had a spectacular start with a great opening ceremony.


The best pictures of the World Championships

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The Ski World Championships review (II)

The second week was the week of the tecnical disciplines. Every race was a crowd puller - with an amazing atmosphere in the arenas of Gudiberg and Kandahar.


The best pictures of the World Championships

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Beside the slope -
The best fan pictures

In the last 14 days eleven competitions took place. 130.000 Skifans from all over the wolrd came to Gudiberg and Kandahar to see the races live. Here you can see the loudest, craziest and most colorful of them.

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Medal Table

Austria ist the best nation of the World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen after the final event. France is the second best nation, winning two Gold medals and Italy is on third position.

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